keyword research and article writing

Imaging having to do research and study on a specific subject or topic to find keywords that people search for in google that pertains to your business.

Not only does these keywords need to have search volume they also need to be keywords overlooked by your competitor. Then you would need to write a completely unique article at a minimum of 1000 words.

Not only do you have to write the article then figure out a strategic way to place keywords in their to help you rank in the search engines.

That is what we do here at to help your business grow organically in the search engines.

Not to mention gaining backlinks from other websites to help boost your website closer to the top 10 of google.

Although this process sounds simple and simplified. Find keywords, write articles, build backlinks…it actually requires professional attention and is extremely time consuming and a very tedious process.

Here at our seo techniques are simple but require time and a professional approach.

We do a deep analysis of your specific niches keywords finding and targeting keywords pertaining to your business.

These keywords have monthly search volume meaning that everyday people just like you and I are searching for these exact keywords.

They type in these keywords into google’s search box on a daily basis.

The secret to our success is finding keywords that have a decent amount of search volume that your competitors overlook or simply do not target.

For example: Let’s say your business pertains to dog grooming.

How many other businesses out their is related to yours. Believe it or not, every type of business is over saturated and everyone’s competing for the same search term.

If your business is dog grooming then chances are you would be targeting the keyword
“dog grooming” but the bad news is, thousands of other dog grooming businesses out there are going after that same keyword.

Competition is fierce! and chances are you’ll not rank due to site age, content and other factoring variables.

With our approach we will do a deep keyword analysis to find keywords that is under served on the world wide web thus making it easier and faster to rank.

Because not only are these keywords under served. Google has no idea what to rank for these keywords as they are typed in. By creating relevant content and letting google know that this article should be served under this keyword is what is know as search engine optimization.

We find you keywords such as

“how to trim dog hair around eyes”


This would be considered a long tail keyword as it is known in the SEO world.

believe it or not, this keyword actually has a monthly search volume of 110 searches per month and the best part is, only 2 other results are found with that exact keyword when searching google using a custom variable such as the allintitle tag.



What that means is, out of all the dog grooming businesses in the world, only 2 other competitors are actually specifically targeting that specific keyword.

The key here is volume. The more keywords we find like this and the more articles we can produce will get you monthly organic search volume over time.

But why articles?

When google displays information for their users they want niche relevant, helpful information to display to their users which are performing the search.

Doing the research and writing helpful articles will not only help you rank higher in google’s search engine it will also help the user who is searching for that information.

But if we tell the user how to do our job what good will that do?

There are multiple ways to look at this. Not only will you be providing your potential customer a way to do the job themself it also brings in customers to your site organically.

The technique we use is a method called retargeting. By installing a tracking pixel on your website, we are able to track each and every potential customer who lands on your website. Later we are able to setup what is called a retargeting ad.

Chances are, people will land on your website, read the article then either decide to do it themself based on the valuable information provided or decide to get a professional to do it.

Here is where the magic happens.

More than likely, the user will realize how time consuming it will be and just decided to get a professional to do it. But they are already on your site and in each article we recommend them to do it themself or use a professional such as yourself with an internal link back to your home page. Just like a cross sale.

Does it actually work?

Yes it does, and we have a proven track record to prove it.

Keep in mind these results will vary based on your niche and this is only based on the last 90 days AND these results are with less than 30 articles published. The key here is volume and consistency as this revenue will only grow over time as the SEO kicks in.

Also this case study was done on a personal site in november 2017 with very very minimal work.

Also once our rankings stick, they stick for years. So as the keywords and articles increase so will the monthly revenue over time.

We like to call it the snowball effect.

Shipped Items Revenue is the total dollar amount of products sold. We have much better numbers but those were for clients which we can’t disclose so we decided to build our own personal case study site.

Of course with SEO becoming more and more competitive each day it is best to get your foot in the door quickly to set the foundations for your site and to help generate those sales organically for your business time and time again.

But we need to pay for SEO why not just pay for paid ads?

This works as well and also requires skills to have someone setup your paid ads which we can do also. Organic SEO and Paid Ads all have their pros and cons. Imagine being a slave to the advertising agency and paying for the same keywords over and over again. Paying each time someone clicks on your paid ad. It will cost a lot of money, especially with a CPC of $1.00+

CPC is cost per click. So in other words, you would need to pay a minimum of $1.00 for everyone who clicks on your site. Let’s say you pay for 100 clicks, that’s $100 for 100 visits. Now what happens if out of those 100 visits only 5 people bought or purchased an item…It can become very costly.

With organic SEO, not only are you constantly building content to grow your website you’ll also be ranking for more keywords as the work goes on and guess what…if 100 people click your link every single day, once the SEO work is done for that keyword all is needed is monitoring and maintenance, so you won’t be spending $100 every day for that 1 keyword because it will be ranked organically.

Do you see where the power comes in with organic SEO? Now instead of constantly spending $100 per day on one keyword, once you rank you can focus on your next keyword. Within time, you’ll be ranking for thousands of keywords organically which you can move your budget to focus growing your organic seo and expanding your reach.

Organic SEO does have it’s downfall as well…such as the time it takes to rank. Which is why it is crucial to be consistent when dealing with organic seo.

Now you can focus on your business while we focus on your seo growth.

How much does it cost?

Like everything, it depends on the amount of time and service your business requires. We don’t like to spread ourselves thin so we do screen each client to see if their needs can be achieved and acquired.

Which is why you should contact us to let us know a bit more in detail about your business. Contact us today to grow your website organically through SEO.

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