How does It work?

These are faceless YouTube channels, meaning there is no face behind the videos. They are easy to create and maintain no public speaking skills are required. Camera shy? Don’t worry; your face will never have to be shown on these channels.

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We do not share our channels publicly 

Purchase the pre-built channel

Complete and ready to go, start earning instantly. Forget waiting months or even years to get accepted into the youtube partner program.

Receive your channel

We will send you instructions on how to take over the channel, add in your adsense account etc.

Instant Monetized Channel

Completely Done-for-You

Enjoy a hassle-free way to make money, with safe delivery and a solid promise to get your money back if things don’t work out!

Immediate Ad Revenue

Quit spending your time making and sharing content that doesn’t bring in any money.


What Are Monetized Channels?

Monetized channels are YouTube channels that have met certain requirements, allowing them to make money from ads. To monetize a channel, it needs to have 4,000 hours of watch time and 1,000 subscribers. We build and boost these channels using our network. Once they hit these targets and get the green light for monetization, they can start making money from ads right away.

Can You Monetize My Personal Channel?

We can’t monetize your current channel because we’ve had some bad experiences before with content that didn’t follow YouTube’s rules. Now, we only guarantee results for channels we’ve created ourselves.

Can I pick the niche?

The Niche is already picked, studied and researched. We would recommend continuing with the current niche as the content scheduling, keyword research, etc is already completed. However, if you want to change it after you purchase the channel. It is completely up to you.

What does the process look like?

Contact us to find out which channels we currently have for sale. We will set up a meeting to show you its current earnings, average monthly earning, etc. If you like what you see, we will negotiate the price, once we agree, we will setup an escrow transaction to complete the transfer.

What happens once I'm given my channel? Do I have to make videos?

Yes, think of it as any other business. Once the channel is yours, your job is to upload videos that fit your topic. Then, you can start making money from the views your videos receive.

I don’t know how to make videos, what do I do?

If you purchase a monetized channel from us. Regardless of your background with editing. We will send you a step by step guide on getting started. Basically you’ll have 4 options.


  1. Take over the channel and do what you do.
  2. We will recommend an AI software that does the videos for you automatically (paid tool, but not the best quality videos but they work)
  3. Hire us to continue to make videos for you (this won’t be available forever)
  4. Hire freelancers to create the videos for you
So these aren’t blank monetized channels?

No, these aren’t blank channels. They’re already set up and earning money through ads. Imagine it like a nursery that grows plants and trees. Instead of selling you seeds to plant, we’re offering you fully grown YouTube channels. We’ve taken care of them every day, doing all the hard work. Now, it’s your turn to invest and take over.

I don’t get it. If it’s making money, why sell it?

Great question! Selling a channel that’s already making money might seem odd at first. But think of it like this: we specialize in starting and growing channels. Once they’re successful, we sell them to someone who wants to run a channel but might not want to start from scratch. It’s like real estate. Some people build or buy houses to rent them out, while others prefer to sell or flip them for a profit.

How much will this cost?

the price depends on the “property” details, like its location (niche), condition (current earnings), and potential for future value (growth potential). Like homes in different neighborhoods have different prices, each YouTube channel has unique value. We’d need to look at your interest to give you a specific price. It’s like picking a house that fits your needs and budget. Let’s chat more to find a channel that’s just right for you and your budget.

Is there a rough estimate, like a ballpark cost, I can expect?

To figure out the selling price for a YouTube channel, a common method is to use a multiple of the channel’s annual profit. Typically, this multiple ranges between 2 and 3 times the annual profit. For example, if a channel makes $150,000 profit in a year, it could be valued between $300,000 and $450,000. Another way to calculate it is by using a monthly multiple, often between 30 and 40 times the monthly average profit. So, if a channel earns $1,000 per month on average, its value could be between $30,000 and $40,000.


The price can change depending on things like the channel’s viewership, how it makes money, its influence, growth speed, and its place among competitors. It’s also key to remember that tools designed to value YouTube channels, similar to Flippa’s Intelligent Valuations Engine for websites, use over 40 different metrics to come up with a trustworthy price estimate.

Wow that’s expensive, do you have cheaper starter channels?

Yes, we do offer starter channels that are more budget-friendly. These channels might not have the same level of earnings or subscribers as the more established ones, but they’re a great way to get into the game without a huge upfront investment. Think of it like buying a fixer-upper home; it’s more affordable, and with some work, it can grow and become more valuable over time. We can help you find a starter channel that fits your budget and goals. Let’s chat about what you’re looking for!

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Beginner Friendly

We will guide you step-by-step

Secure Delievery

We will use escrow (middle man) to ensure a safe and secure transaction

0% Revenue Share

You are not a part owner you will be the primary owner. We remove ourself from the channel once its sold.