Best All Over Print On Demand

Best All Over Print On Demand

We all know that all over print is the future. Especially with print on demand. Making it really easy to run a small business.

But what is the best all over print on demand company? There are so many of them. In this article we will be focusing on the best all over print on demand companies.

To be exact, we will review and cover 3 all over print on demand companies coming out of china.

I know, china…do you really want to deal with the long shipment times and angry customers? Well, with the pricing on everything skyrocketing, it would be a wise decision to go with China as a beginner, especially with a new brand.

Having to be competitive with pricing, you’ll need to find a way to provide quality and at the same time keep the products affordable to build your brand.

The reason I will be covering these 3 specific china all over print on demand companies is because I have personally used them to run my sister company which is a clothing brand.

So what are the 3 china all over print on demand companies we will review?

They are subliminator, kin customs and yoycol. You’ll be surprised at the results.

I will cover both the pros and cons to these companies as well as provide shipping times that it took to get my samples.

Let’s get it started, I’ll go based on the order at which I found them and tested them.

Subliminator All Over Print On Demand Review

Ok, so the first on my list of the best china all over print on demand companies is subliminator.

So my first impression was “wow, this is the company I’m going to use for my clothing brand.” Keep in mind that my company is a clothing brand, therefore all of the samples I ordered deal with clothing, mainly hoodies, t-shirts, and shorts.

So going forward, all my reviews will be based off of the clothing section. Anyways, when I first placed a sample order, it took exactly 14 days to arrive at my door step here in Hawaii.

Not business days but total days, the quality of the clothing was awesome too.

Coming from printful, I was limited to sizing such as 3xl. Here in Hawaii, we got big polynesians who on average wear 2xl up to 5xl…so printful was not an option, the thing I liked about subliminator was the bigger sizing. As well as the quality of the material. Not to mention the fast shipping.

14 days from china to hawaii…simply amazing. However, that isn’t the case for my second order. My second order took over a month!

I placed my second sample order on July 6, 2021. The second sample order came in on August 06, 2021.

But here is the deal, this is the reason I set out to find other all over print on demand companies.

After my first order, I was charged a specific price. With subliminator they do not “charge you for shipping” the shipping cost is already included in the product cost.

So at the time, 1 hoodie would cost $33. Not bad. However, that is the cost to “USA” and that is what they charged me for my first sample order. USA price…

However, I live in Hawaii…mind you, is still USA however, they have a sneaky area where it says “$48 for remote USA” meaning Hawaii and Alaska.

Which doesn’t make sense to me since they are in China. Anyways, the first order slipped through the cracks and I was able to get them at the USA price.

However, the second order I was charged based on “remote USA” which went from “$33 to $48” per hoodie.

There is no room for me to profit, since I am actually shipping them to my doorstep, then repacking and branding them and shipping them to my customer.

Also keep in mind that subliminator is the only one on my list that charges these ridiculous fees such as remote usa.

The other 2 doesn’t discriminate with the fact that I am in Hawaii.

So after finding this out, I had to search and find another all over print on demand supplier and going with USA companies, will definitely not leave me any room to profit. So, china it is.

Before I end my story with subliminator let me cover the pros and cons.


  1. Quite responsive to customer service requests, great customer service
  2. Very high quality materials! The prints are vibrant and the sizing is excellent
  3. The clothing selection is decent when it comes to all over prints


  1. The cost and duration of shipping
  2. It is too expensive, especially when it comes to shipping to “remote USA”
  3. Using them requires Shopify

Kin Customs All Over Print On Demand Review


  1. Personalized branding! What a great idea.
  2. Good prices, decent shipping costs
  3. Delivery and production is fast!


  1. There is too much inconsistency with the sizing
  2. It takes too long to resolve problems with orders
  3. I sell hoodies and tshirts as unisex, but they are segregated by gender, and the tag says men, even though I sell them as unisex.

Yoycol All Over Print On Demand Review

First order of yoycol came in 08-10-2021 and was ordered on 07-24-2021

18 total days or 12 business days

Second order came in on 08-xx-2021 and was ordered on 07-27-2021

16 total days or 12 business days


  1. Pricing! Absolutely love the pricing.
  2. There 3D editor is absolutely amazing
  3. HUGE selection of All over print on demand products (including cotton)


  1. Even though paying for express shipping (fastest method) still takes about 3 weeks.
  2. I noticed on my orders, it will say production complete and it will stay in “awaiting shipment” status for days before it is shipped out.

Purchase 2-3 hoodies and pay $60 each. You can save even more when you buy 4+ hoodies. Get four or more hoodies for $50 each when you buy four or more. As long as it is a Hoodie, it doesn’t matter what size or design it is.

In the hot summer months, loose and comfortable Hawaiian shirts will allow you to keep cool while in the sun

  • This is a four-way stretch fabric (made from 95% polyester and 5% spandex)
  • It’s a regular fit
  • A short sleeved shirt with a lapel collar and a button closure
  • It weighs 120 grams per square meter
  • Care Instructions: Machine wash cold with similar colors; don’t bleach; tumble dry low; don’t iron; do not dry clean.

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