You might be wondering How Many Times Can You Use A Windows 10 Key?

Windows product keys raise a lot of questions. You cannot re-install Windows without a legitimate and unique product key, which is why there is so much interest in finding out the Windows key code.

There is no limit to the number of computers you can install Windows on if you use the same product key.

However, this is illegal and you won’t be able to activate Windows on more than one computer at once.

There is a period of time when Windows must be activated in order to continue using the operating system.

Thus, although the installation is completed successfully as long as the product key is valid, Windows does not function fully unless the product key is activated with Microsoft’s server, and usually, only one product key may be installed on one computer at a time.

So, what about transferring your windows 10 license key to a new computer?

We will get to that next.

Transfer Your Windows 10 License

how to transfer your windows key to another computer
how to transfer your windows key to another computer

You may be able to move it to a new computer if required, depending on the type of Windows 10 license you have enabled. Microsoft has distributed its desktop operating system across numerous business channels over the years.

New machines will also come with an OEM license preinstalled. Microsoft distributes Windows on many other platforms, including Retail, Volume License, University, and subgroups, such as Update licenses.

Microsoft released its new update, Windows 10, in 2015, offering the operating system free of charge for eligible PCs and computers running Windows 7 or 8 for a limited period of time.

For computers without a qualifying license or for individuals who develop PCs, Microsoft continues to offer Windows 10 as a complete retail product.

Determine whether you can transfer your Windows 10 license

Make sure you know what type of license you have installed

According to Microsoft, Windows 10 free upgrade is a full version and not a trial. Despite these statements, Windows 10 free upgrade does have an expiry date.

  • Windows 10 license derived from a retail copy of Windows 7, Windows 8, or 8.1 – can be transferred. But under Microsoft’s rules, only a one-time transfer is allowed.
  • If you have upgraded from a Windows 7, Windows 8 or 8.1 OEM license, these are licenses that come from a manufacturer preinstalled on a new device, and then the Windows 10 license retains the OEM rights that can not be transferred. 
  • With a full retail copy of Windows 10, you can transfer it an unlimited number of times.
  • If you upgraded from Windows 10 Home to Windows 10 Pro Pack using Digital Licensing, you can transfer it. This is possible because of the Pro Pack, although it is an upgrade, it is still a retail license attached to the Microsoft account used to purchase it.

Formerly, you could tell where a particular license came from by issuing a particular Windows command.

In the November Update it is clearly mentioned that all licenses, regardless if they are full package or OEM, are considered retail.

Although Microsoft describes the free upgrade from Windows 7 OEM or Windows 8/8.1 OEM to Windows 10 as retail, it is still an OEM license at heart.

This relates to what you can do with the license. If it is retail, you can continue making hardware modifications to your system such as replacing components or moving it to a different computer. For an OEM version, if you replace components on automatically, your free upgrade will be revoked, meaning you will need to purchase a new full retail Windows 10 license.

Microsoft recently released a feature that makes it easier to transfer licenses to new machines using the Digital License feature. This is one option you should consider when transferring a license, check out our article for details about how it works.

Remove the License and Transfer to Another Computer

To transfer a full Windows 10 license, or the free upgrade from a retail copy of Windows 7 or 8.1, the license must no longer be in use on a PC.

Windows 10 does not have a way to deactivate it. Instead, you have two choices:

  • This is the closest thing to disabling the Windows License by uninstalling the product key. This approach would not warn Microsoft Activation Servers that the license is no longer used on the machine; instead, if Microsoft Activation Servers were to detect the license in use on more than one device, it would prevent conflicts down the road.
  • Format the machine-This process guarantees that the license on the computer is no longer in use. With Windows 10, you can use the easy reset option to do this.

How to uninstall Microsoft Windows 10 Product Key

Press Windows key + X and open up Command Prompt be sure to be in Admin mode. At the command prompt, enter the following command:

slmgr.vbs /upk.

This command removes the product key, freeing the license to be used elsewhere.

command prompt

Microsoft made it more convenient to activate Windows 10 after the release of the Windows 10 November Update by using the product key for Windows 8 or Windows 7.

When asked for a product key during setup, click I don’t have a product key.

You can enter the product key if you have a full version Windows 10 license purchased at the store.

I dont have key

Choose the Edition You’re Licensed for

Windows 10 Home:

  • Windows 7 Starter
  • Home Basic
  • Home Premium
  • Microsoft Windows 8.1 Core

Windows 10 Pro

  • Microsoft Windows 7 Professional
  • Ultimate, Windows 8.1 Pro
windows setup

During the Windows 10 setup, you may be prompted again for a product key. Click Do this later if you’re using a Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1 product key.

If you have a full version Windows 10 license that you purchased from a store, you can enter the product key.

enter windows 10 product key

Reactivating the License

To complete your activation on the desktop, you will need to enter your product key a second time. A number of methods can be used, but let’s try the easiest one first.

  • Click on Start
  • Go to Settings
  • Under Settings Find [Update & security]
  • From there head over to Activation.
  • And Change the product key.
  • Type in your Windows 7 or 8.0/8.1 product key then click Next to activate.

The alternative is to enter the key from the command prompt, press Windows key + X , then click Command Prompt (Admin).

If you are experiencing problems doing so from within Settings, use this option.

Enter the following command in the command prompt:

slmgr.vbs /ipk xxxxx- xxxxx- xxxxx- xxxxx- xxxxx. 

Type “exit” to close the command prompt and proceed to reactivate by phone or Contact Support.

install product key

You need to reactivate the Windows 10 license, since it was previously in use on another computer.

Press Windows key + R to bring up a Run box, then type:

slui.exe 4

then press the Enter key on your keyboard.

Note: If the slui.exe 4 command does not work, type slui in the command line instead.

run slui.exe

It will open the Activation Wizard. 

Select a country for you and press Next.

windows phone activation

Call or launch Contact Support on the Activation screen and then clarify your situation to Microsoft Response Tech; include the on-screen installation ID.

windows phone activation support

The agent will check your product key, then include a Windows 10 reactivation confirmation ID. For full instructions on how to get your license reactivated, review our post.

provide installation id

If you purchased a Windows 10 Pro Kit, you would need to sign in to your Microsoft account to use the Digital License to be reactivated. I know it’s a very exhausting process, but it works smoothly, particularly with Windows 10’s new chat support option.

How to get a windows key for free

Technically, Windows doesn’t offer free keys. However, there are ways to get them for free or practically dirt cheap.

The best part is, this method is perfectly legal to do.

One way of getting a windows key for free is by simply asking a friend or family member if they have a broken desktop or laptop.

Chances are, they will have one and likely debating on throwing it away.

If you can get yourself a broken desktop or laptop with the cd key sticker still attached you can use the method above where we teached you how to transfer your windows key.

Now, all you need to do is follow the steps above to transfer the key to your computer.

Another way is to place an ad on craigslist or search ebay or facebook marketplace for people selling cracked screen laptops or again, a broken pc or laptop.

Make sure that the key is still available and purchase it at a rather low cost.

Not only will you be able to salvage the windows key, you can also part out the pc and sell the parts on ebay.

Chances are, selling the hdd will cover the cost of the whole purchase, thus a free activated key ready to use on your own pc.

Cheap windows key

If you don’t want to waste your time buying salvaged laptops or looking for a broken pc / laptop to salvage the key, your best bet is to purchase the key online.

You can now purchase a digital download online and get the key instantly.

Click here to purchase a digital windows key online

Bottom line

You can use a windows key on multiple computers, however you can only activate it once.

Also, You can move it an unlimited number of times with a complete retail copy.

You could move it if you upgraded from Windows 10 Home to Windows 10 Pro Pack using Digital Licensing.

A license must no longer be used on a PC for the transfer of a complete Windows 10 license.

You can obtain free keys by salvaging old or broken computers.

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