How to Clean Up Your Windows Computer for Better Performance

Here’s some advice on cleaning your PC. Try it out. The performance of this task force will ensure that it operates even better.

There are days when there’s nothing like good cleaning to bring it all in order, isn’t that right?

Well, this post will assist you in cleaning up the machine you have delayed cleaning up for a long time.

See if you suffer from any of these instances:

  • Do you have too many photos on your camera?
  • Do the sites you use daily take too long to load?
  • Would you say your machine is too slow?

To get enough disk space and release system resource, you need to clean your computer.

Regular computer cleanup can really make your computer run faster and respond more quickly.

Let’s get into the different methods to help you clean up your windows computer for better performance.

Use Windows built-in utility Disk Cleanup

Steps for Cleaning up Computer via Disk Cleanup

In the search box, type disk cleanup, and then select Disk Cleanup from the search results.

In the next window, choose a drive to clean up by clicking the button behind the Select the drive you want to clean up option, and then click OK.

After you check the boxes to be deleted, click the OK button to execute the operation.

If you also plan to remove more system files (including temp files), click Clean up system files at the bottom left of the window and click OK.

Clean out your computer by going to the More Options tab and clicking on the Clean up button in Programs and Features.

When you get there, you’ll see a list of all the applications, and if you right-click the program you don’t need, you can uninstall it.

To clean up computer, you can also use the third-party program – Detox My PC. I highly recommend you check out their website to download your own copy of the multi award-winning PC and Mac cleaners by Clicking Here.

Empty Your Recycle Bin

Here are some specific steps to clean up your computer. Clearing away Trash is the first thing you should do.

Open the desktop’s Recycle Bin icon by double-clicking it.

Make sure the files located in your recycle bin is not needed

After that, right click on your recycle bin and select Empty Recycle Bin

Delete Space-Consuming Files on Hard Drive

It is possible to free up plenty of space on your computer just by deleting space-consuming files on the hard drive, but how do you know which files are crowding it up?

Click on the search box on your windows pc and type “storage settings”. If you don’t have it, right click on your task bar and scroll over “search” then select “show search box”

From here, you will be able to find out what files are taking up the most space in your hard drives

Disable Unnecessary Startup Programs

Is your PC running slow? It’s probably because there are unnecessary programs starting up automatically.

Fix the issue by disabling them in Windows Task Manager. Here’s how:

Right click on your windows icon in the bottom left

Select “task manager”

On box will open up, there will be tabs, “processes”, “Performance”, “App History”, “Startup”, Etc.

Select the “Startup” Tab.

From here you will see a list of programs that automatically runs when you start your windows pc.

Right click on the programs you want to disable and select disable.

Uninstall Applications

Uninstalling applications helps a computer become clean as well. This can be done easily with the following steps.

Type “add remove programs” into the search box on your task bar.

Select the “add remove programs” button.

It will pop up a box called “apps & features” from here you can right click on applications you no longer use and select uninstall.

Each application will have different prompts and steps to uninstall.

Simply follow the on screen prompts and read carefully before making your decision on uninstalling the program.

If you have applications you never installed it’s possible you have malware.

In that case, it’s time to get yourself an anti-virus scanner. See our article on “are antivirus programs worth it”

Defrag Hard Drive

Fragmented hard drives can slow your computer down over time.

In the end, the number of file storage areas for the file will expand and the file content will be spread out across all of the disks as a result of the defragmentation.

In addition, fragmented files will bring a decrease in efficiency of your disk and an increase in the possibility of losing and damaging data.

As a result, it is vital to defrag your hard drive to clean up file defragmentation and improve the performance of your computer. Here are steps for you.

Type “defragment and Optimize Drives”

Select “defragment and Optimize Drives”

In the popup box, select the drive you wish to defrag and select optimize

Use CCleaner to clean up your pc

CCleaner is free software offered by Piriform that helps you clean up your computer.

If you decide to use CCleaner, be sure to install the slim version which doesn’t include any toolbars or other crapware.

All contents of the program will be listed after you click on the Analyze button. You can uncheck the content that you do not want to eliminate. If you don’t have that requirement, click on Run Cleaner directly.

Upgrade Your Ram

A computer can run slowly because of insufficient RAM or issues on the hard disk. The method above talked about some ways to clean a hard disk. The following method will focus on RAM.

Upgrading RAM will fix a low virtual memory count warning. This means you can have more virtual memory if you upgrade RAM. Besides, your computer will slow down less, programs will run better, your web browser will run faster and gaming will get better.

After you start a program, the program is held in RAM, ir serves your computer’s short-term memory. Your computer generally meets this need with 4 gigabytes of RAM. However, as your computer needs to fetch active applications and browsers for the next time, RAM becomes insufficient.

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Bottom Line

A lot of cell phones are being used a lot every day, especially by young people, while notebooks and computers are neglected. They deserve more use.

The tips mentioned for how to clean up a computer do not negate the need for regular maintenance performed by a trained professional.

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