A Videly review by someone who actually uses this tool.

Normally, I’d write a review and explain what the product is and so on and so forth.

Provide pros and cons etc. However, I am going to be straight up from the start and tell you that videly actually works!

If you look online for reviews you’ll often find people telling you to buy the product or tool so that they can get a commission. 

A lot of times, people will review tools or services that they haven’t even used just for the purpose of making a sell.

Today is your lucky day, because I am not here to pump Videly or try to get a sell.

However, if you do want to purchase Videly at 75% discount you can use my link here 🙂

Anyways, in this article, I’ll tell you exactly how Videly works and how you can achieve the same results without buying the tool.

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What Is Videly

Videly Keyword Tool

Videly is a keyword tool that helps you to rank youtube videos on google almost instantly on the first page.

Pretty hype claim right? Well, it actually works. However, it doesn’t work for any keyword.

So if you were looking to rank your youtube video on the 1st page of google for “weight loss” hate to tell you, this tool won’t do that.

But what it can do is rank you almost instantly for local seo keywords. But it doesn’t only work for local seo terms.

It also works on global searches! However, you’ll find quick fast results with local seo terms.

I was able to rank a few videos on a global scale using this tool.

But do you actually need videly to achieve these results? The quick answer is NO. However, it does make life a lot easier and after all it does save you TIME!

So let me explain how the process works.

How Does Videly Work

Like any keyword tool, you’ll have to start with a seed keyword. After entering your seed keyword you’ll be presented with keywords which have a high chance to rank on google’s first page results.

Since g-fx.net is a internet tech blog let’s look at the keyword “page speed” since I already have a post about speeding up your website using wordpress.

Does Videly work

Videly keyword tool will gather long tail keywords that has a possibility to rank on the first page of google.

It also gives other useful data such as the trend of the keyword, monthly searches and estimated youtube views per month for that keyword.

Now, the beauty about this program is how it saves SO MUCH TIME! And you’re able to scale this quickly.

So after you find a few keywords to target, now what?

YouTube Title, Description and tags

title and description generator via videly

After you did your keyword research, videly recommend going after at least 5 keywords. Since not all keywords will result in a first page ranking on google.

This is why it saves so much time because in the next step, videly will generate your youtube title, description and tags for all 5 keywords (or more) in a matter of seconds.

This alone saves so much time and worth the cost of the tool alone. However, this is not the bread and butter of this.

The bread and butter of it comes from how you’re able to test the waters to see which keywords actually rank on google’s first page.

So now that I have my keywords, title, description and tags for my videos what’s the next step?

Creating YouTube Scheduled Livestreams

This right here, is the bread and butter. Before, you’d have to do keyword research, spend hours creating a video then spend hours creating the titles, description and tags.

Then, you’d have to upload the video. Then comes the guessing game. Will you rank? Was it worth your time? I guess only time will tell right?

Well, now, you can test the waters for keywords before you even spend hours creating a video.

By scheduling youtube live streams you’re able to test each keyword and see if a youtube video makes the first page of google or not.

As you can see, this can all be done manually. However, with videly it saves so much time by weeding out which keywords to target from the start.

Then it saves hours by instantly generating the titles, descriptions and tags for you.

As I mentioned, this doesn’t work for every keyword so scaling and testing a bunch of keywords is key.

What Is Included With Videly

Videly includes the keyword tool which helps you to quickly see long tail keywords that have a high chance of ranking on the first page of google.

It also includes the video title, tag and description generator which saves you a whole bunch of time.

There are other options which are included in an upsell, such as Niche Analysis, Video Report and rank tracker.

However, I personally haven’t upgraded since all I really wanted was the two main features.

Videly Also Includes The Valuable Time Saving Factor

I can’t stress enough how much time videly saves you. I am a big fan of automation and time saving tools.

Another great thing about videly is the keyword tool. For a one-time purchase fee you have a keyword tool for life!

That’s another reason why I purchased videly. Because it was a one-time fee. I absolutely hate recurring monthly fees, however, I do understand the principle behind it.

Tools such as Ahrefs and SEMrush as you know have monthly fees, however, those tools provide other valuable tools other than being a keyword tool.

But, the way I look at it is, if there ever comes a time where I decide I don’t want to be locked in monthly I always have Videly to fall back on since I own it for life.

Who Is Videly For

Videly is for internet marketers looking to benefit from 1st page google rankings using YouTube.

For anyone looking to drive more traffic and sales. Who are also looking to save time by having videly generate your titles and tags.

Also for anyone who needs a lifetime keyword tool. As I mentioned above, this process can all be done manually but the thing we need to remember is, exactly how much time would you save having a tool vs not having one.

You can easily cut a 2×4 with a hand saw and achieve the same results as cutting it with a power saw. The only difference is, with the power saw, you can cut that wood in 5 seconds rather than manual work which takes you over 10 mins with a hand saw.

Where To Get Videly

You can get Videly directly through their website. However, you’ll need to pay full price by doing so which is $497 bucks. If you do decide to purchase videly you can use my link here which results in a commission for me and also gives you 75% off which also, is a win-win situation.

How Much Does Videly Cost

Videly Coupon Discount

I was able to get in at a very exclusive price which only cost me $47 at the time, however, the price for videly if you purchase directly through them will cost you $497.

Ouch! However, there are coupon codes out there that give you videly at $188 which is still a deal if you ask me.

However! I have an exclusive coupon that can get you videly for only $47. I don’t know how long this will last but at the time of me writing this review, it’s still available for $47 through my affiliate link.

Bottom Line

Overall, I am very pleased with Videly and highly recommend it for anyone looking for a quick way to get on google’s first page using YouTube.

The amount of time it saves is simply amazing. And as I mentioned in this article I tell you exactly how it works so you can go ahead and do it without getting the tool.

However, the time it saves will amaze you. So if you do want to save time by testing keywords then you can grab videly here at a fraction of the cost.

Also, if you do decide to purchase videly through my link, feel free to reach out to me for any personal tips and I’d be glad to share them with you.