Centered on its proprietary technology Boom, a technology startup based in Milan, has raised $7 million to help businesses acquire “quality” images at affordable rate, worldwide.

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Boom claims that their goal is not to change photography (or filmmaking for that matter, as the framework also supports the booking of drone pilots, videographers, designers, and other creative disciplines), but to change the way visual content is produced using “intelligent technology.” Boom claims that it has developed its own proprietary Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology that enables Boom to do so.

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The dedication to its corporate customers includes the streamlined method of its platform to match customer photoshoot requests with the best photographers in the region, coupled with an automatic photo-editing system to allow quicker access to images.

As for how this helps photographers, Boom hopes that it is enough to draw high-quality talent to promise more job prospects with less tension.

We could see that innumerable internet giants changed the way people bought online every day and posted trillions of images on their websites and platforms, but they didn’t have access to a service provider that could live up to the global, fast-start setting.

The entire system was costly and outdated, “Federico Mattia Dolci, founder and CEO, said in a TechCrunch article.” Our customers can place an order and expect delivery 24 hours later, whether the photoshoots are held in Milan, New York, or Sydney, and whether the order involves one or a thousand photoshoots! Each time, we ensure pace, reliability and consistency of quality.

Over 250 major business clients including Deliveroo, Vacasa, Uber Eats, OYO, Lavanda, Casavo, Westwing, GetYourGuide and more earn a boom assert.

The investment comes in $7 million after a strong initial seed of $600,000 in June 2018 and a second investment round of $3.4 million in July 2019. Boom consisted of 60 members of staff in January 2020, which it aimed to increase to 120 by year-end. About 35.000 photographers, the company operates in more than 80 countries and has processed more than 3 million photos to date.

Boom says they will bring in their “own plug and play technology” the latest funding round to handle the output pipeline for commercial photography and to expand their presence in 180 countries including addition of offices and studios in London and New York. The organization calls itself “the Amazon for commercial photography.”