You might be wondering, is Avast slowing down my pc? 

Many PC users have trouble with their systems when they have Avast anti-virus installed.

It is frustrating to get your computer to run like a turtle. Many folks believe the only solution is to uninstall the software to restore the performance of your PC, which is not a good idea at all.

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A lot of times, a PC will lag due to clutter.

However, each anti-virus program incurs overhead from scanning and behavioral analysis.

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How to Speed Up My Computer with Avast

avast speed up my computer for free

Keep in mind, if you want to continue using Avast we will provide some tips on how to speed up your computer with Avast.

However, because avast is clunky there are other lightweight antivirus programs out there which are a good alternative to avast such as Cylance-Antivirus which at the moment, are offering a huge 50% off.

It is understandable if you do not want to switch your antivirus software.

so continue reading to find out how to speed up your computer which hopefully will speed things up for you.

The reasons for your PC running slow despite installing Avast could be many. They are as followed:

  • Partitions are not aligned
  • There are a number of programs that launch during start-up
  • Not enough free space in Boot Partition
  • Avast slowing down the computer because it is low on memory.
  • System not rebooted for a long time.
  • Too many programs being run at the same time and taking up RAM.
  • The operating system is too outdated.
  • The hard disk is either physically or logically damaged.

So be sure to check the following before making a decision.

If you check all of the above and are still facing lag issues with avast, it is highly recommended to switch your antivirus program.

As avast just may not be lightweight enough for your pc.

You could try the follow:

Free Up Your Disk Space

You can do disk cleaning if you come across a message where your disk is shown to be 90 percent full. By deleting garbage, removing unused things, or even transferring your files, images, or image files to a cloud storage system, you can free up space. Avast Cleanup can search your machine to find files that are outdated or unwanted that should be deleted or you can also disable them.

Increase RAM

In order to run the latest apps, older computers lack adequate power. So for optimum performance, it’s best to update your PC with a new version of the operating system. The specialists suggest selecting at least 4 GB of RAM to run most programs smoothly.

Clear Browser Temp Files and Cache

Free anti-virus software can come with other add-ons that can slow down your computer.

Such as toolbars which are installed during the setup. Always read the fine detail during installation especially on free anti-virus software.

Oftentimes, during the setup, they will have check boxes which tells you to agree to their terms of service which needs to be checked and they will also add another check box which will tell you to install 3rd party software such as toolbars.

Keep in mind, most of the time, you’ll need to check the agreed terms in order to install the program. However, checking the boxes which ask you to install 3rd party programs is not necessary.

Your brain automatically assumes that you need to check off all boxes in order to complete the install.

This is why reading what happens during the install is very crucial.

Malware within free toolbars could be stealing your personal information, hijacking your browser, infecting your computer, or installing malicious software.

At any rate, no reason to worry. The Avast antivirus software contains an Avast Browser Cleanup feature that identifies poor-rated add-ons for Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer.

However, these are some things to consider when looking for free antivirus programs.

Paid versions often do not install these hidden toolbars because you’re paying for a premium software.

Oftentimes, free versions will install these toolbars so that they can run ads to your computer so they can get paid.

Disable background programs

In the background, programs or software that run begin to slow down the machine. For instance, an audio program runs in the background that takes up resources while you listen to music. To check the programs are running that are not needed, just go to the ‘Task Manager’ and then simply end the operation.

Remove Unused Programs

Out-of-date drivers, operating systems, and applications may be detrimental to your machine. They can lead to bugs and incompatibilities that are more vulnerable to your PC. So certain programs or drivers should be uninstalled. Simply use the ‘Software Updater’ tool from Avast, which offers daily updates to third-party software to prevent possible risks to the device from occurring. All you need to do is open the Avast dashboard and head to the ‘Scan’ option. Click the Scan or Obsolete Software choice here and let the instrument work for you. 

If you have followed the above tips and are still facing issues with avast, it’s time to switch to a premium antivirus program.

How To Uninstall Avast

Maybe you tried the above tips to increase your speed with avast and just doesn’t seem to help. Next option is to uninstall avast. On the other hand, if you do decide to do this.

Be sure to have another antivirus software ready to go. You do not want to be without an antivirus program.

To uninstall avast is simple enough and works just like uninstalling any other programs on your PC.

The fastest and easiest way is to use the add / remove program feature in windows 10.

Otherwise, check out Avast official site for uninstall instructions by visiting this link.

Is Avast Bad For Your Computer

is avast antivirus good

One thing to know is that Avast is a FREE antivirus software. And with that, comes adware.

Adware is not a virus. However, it is annoying. But in order for programs and software to generate income (if they are not paid versions) they need to somehow generate revenue through other means.

Such as adware. As mentioned above in this article, we talked about unnecessary toolbars which are installed with free antivirus programs such as Avast.

A lot of people assume that adware is a virus, they will start seeing ads randomly popup, their web browser may randomly redirect them to another website.

These are symptoms and causes created by adware.

This is the downfall to free antivirus programs. So let’s explain a bit more on adware.

What is Adware

software sponsored by ads or Adware, is software that shows on your screen unwanted advertisements.

Adware programs aim to serve pop-up advertising, change the homepage of your browser, install spyware, and simply flood your computer with advertisements.

Adware is a shorter name for potentially unwanted software.

It’s not exactly a virus, nor is it plain malicious like a lot of other malicious code that floats around on the Internet.

There is no question, though, that the adware needs to come off whatever machine it’s on. Not only can  adware be bothersome more often than not, it might also corrupt your device in the not-too-distant future.

Ad-supported software collects your web browsing history so that “targeted” advertisements can be displayed to you.

Adware infections are only irritating at their most harmless.

Adware, such as pop-up advertising, can make your Internet experience slow and inconvenient.

The main reason adware is installed is for the purpose of making money from advertisements.

It’s called adware when it’s on a desktop computer, and madware when it’s on a smartphone or tablet. Whatever the madware or adware is, it is probably going to slow down that machine and or even make it more vulnerable to crashes.

Running Avast Without Ads

So you might be wondering if there is a way to disable this adware from Avast. When installing Avast you can choose not to install the toolbar or 3rd party software.

Another option available is silent / gaming mode.

Enable Silent/Gaming mode when you don’t want to be interrupted. This will cause Avast to run as a silent process when a full-screen application is running.

This ensures that distracting popups or other notifications won’t disrupt your games or other full-screen applications. 

Quickly switch this mode on by right-clicking on the orange Avast icon located in the device tray of your computer. A brief menu appears. To turn it on, click on Silent/gaming mode.

Bottom Line

There are other lightweight antivirus applications out there which are a nice alternative to avast, since avast is clunky. For instance, Cylance is right now offering a huge 50% off.

Avast is an antivirus program that is FREE. And with that the adware drops in. Adware isn’t an antivirus. It is, however, distracting.

Although they need to somehow generate revenue by other means in order for services and applications to generate revenue (if they are not paid versions).

Adware is an advertising-sponsored program that displays intrusive advertisements on your computer.

Adware programs are aimed at serving pop-up ads, altering your browser’s homepage, downloading spyware, and flooding advertising on your computer.

You may opt not to install the toolbar or 3rd party apps when installing Avast.

Trigger Silent/Gaming mode when you do not want to be disturbed. When a full-screen application is running, this will cause Avast to run as a silent operation.