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How To Make An Effective Video Advertising

how to make an effective video advertising

How To Make An Effective Video Advertising


So you’re ready to promote your business and what a better way than to do so with video advertising.

I will show you the basics and give you some tips and tricks on how to make an effective video advertising.

Here are some facts about using video to advertise:

#1 – In less than a year from now in 2019, consumer internet video traffic globally will make up 80% of all internet traffic for consumers.

#2 – over 8 billion video views are generated by Facebook alone.

#3 – Each and every year YouTube reports a 100% rise in video consumption.

#4 – In the world, over 55% of people watch videos online each and every day.

#5 – Over 90% of mobile users alone share videos with others and through social media.

#6 – Product videos is a helpful way for consumers when deciding to purchase.

#7 – Videos generate over 1200% more shares than a regular text and image ad combined.

#8 – You’ll have a 135% chance of generating organic reach through video on facebook vs a traditional photo post.

#9 – A simple video on your landing page can increase your conversion rate by 80%

#10 – over 60% of users are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video about it.

If you need a professional video done please contact us. Otherwise, continue reading to find more tips and tricks on video advertising.

Tips for an Effective Video Ad

When it comes to video, know what to do will not only save you time but money as well. Here are some tips for an effective video AD.

Put together a plan

Figure out a plan and go with it. Ask yourself, is it a general introduction type of video for a service you offer?

Or are you promoting a new product? Find out if you have a special offer that you want to emphasize on.

Also ask yourself how does your product or service make your customers life easier, better or happier.

Is it an established product? With real testimonials from real customers that you can show testimonials or quotes?

Or maybe it’s a new product or service that you need to educate your customers about.

Personalize the video

When it comes to an effective advertising video, it needs to be personalized. Nowadays, it’s all about the brand and reputation you are trying to portray.

Get personal with the video and really dig deep into your product or service.

Write a script

Plan ahead by writing a script for your video. How can your product or service relate to or benefit your customer?

You know your business better than anyone else. So you are probably the best person to tell the story through video.

But we understand, you want to focus on running your business. If that’s the case you can always hiring a freelancer or maybe someone you know to write a cheap video script.

Find a voice

Maybe you don’t have the time or you are uncomfortable speaking on camera. Don’t worry there is always a solution to every problem.

You can also find someone to do your voice over which can be laid over your video.

Another solution would be to hire us. We offer professional voice over artist to do voice overs on your script

Select an appropriate setting

Your video will reflect your business so be sure to capture the best appropriate settings.

For example.

If your business is a restaurant, maybe get some shots of your chef cooking and prepping your meals. You can also get close up shots of the food itself.

Maybe your business is plumbing, try to get a shot of your employee using the company shirt with your logo walking up to a customers door with his tools in hand.

Check the lighting

Lighting is extremely important when it comes to video. Make sure the lighting portrays the product or service.

Also be sure you are not over or under exposed when filming your video. There is nothing worse than doing a video shoot then going back to the office only to realize your footage was over or under exposed.

Consider wardrobe

If its a clothing company then of course you’d want your viewers focusing on the apparel.

If it’s not a clothing company then have your actor or actress use your company uniform or something blank and neutral.

For non clothing companies, you want the user focusing on the product and message and not the users clothes.

Keep it short and sweet.

There is a reason Instagram only allows 1 min videos to be posted. The typical effective video ad should be between 30 – 60 seconds. Nowadays, viewers get bored easily and distracted. Keep it short and sweet and make sure to draw their attention within the first 10 seconds of the video.

Give a Call To Action

Give your viewer a reason to click on your link. Wether you use curiosity or you use a special promo or offer they can’t refuse.

The main objective to an effective video ad is to get the user to visit your website and or view your product or service.

By doing so, you can use what’s called a tracking pixel to later display future video ads to the user.

how to create a short advertising video

Although your advertising video should be short from 30-60 seconds long don’t let that fool you.

Creating a short effective advertising video isn’t quite as easy as you would think.

To do a professional video it requires a lot of work even for such a short clip.

We recommend hiring a professional to do so you can find a local or contact us but if you insist on creating a short advertising video on your own we won’t leave you hanging.

Use an easy program to get started and learn the basics. There are a ton out there and also some tutorials on our site for adobe premiere and adobe after effects which is more on the advance side.

But do a quick search online if you’d want to create a video yourself.

ideas for making a video advertisement

You’ll need a creative mind when coming up with ideas for making a video advertisement.

Think about your product or service and ask yourself how would it look in a certain area or situation.

Let’s look at a video advertisement for Corona.

This ad is perfect in every way, it’s short and simple and gets the message across. It speaks to the people more likely to drink beer.

It starts off with bottles of coronas chilled on a block of ice at a beach party. The background is blurry and the product is in focus.

The camera slowly pans to the right which takes a shot of the corona bottle with the words “cinco” on the bottle then a text fills in the message with “Happy Cinco De Mayo”

It’s 15 seconds long and gets delivers the message in a slick and creative way.

Disclaimer: We are not endorsed or sponsored by corona we just feel that they have creative and effective video ads and used them as an example on how to get creative.

AD Making

AD making is an art and if you want an effective video advertisement then you’ll want to study up on ad making.

Like we said, it’s not as simple as filming, editing and throwing up your video to expect sales.

You’ll need to create an effect advertisement. This is why when it comes to video ads we highly recommend getting a professional to do the job.

If a water pipe broke in your house I’m pretty sure you’d call a professional plumber to come and fix it.

Same goes with video ads, why waste valuable time and money trying to do it yourself when you can pay a professional and get the job done correctly.

But we won’t leave you hanging. Here are some tips for ad making.

Represent Your Brand Clearly and Creatively

Always take into consideration your brand name, logo and even the product using verbal / audio and visual design. Get straight to the point and never wait till the ending to display your brand but always be creative when doing so.

Create a Storyline

Never try to sell your product. Tell a story. Using video is the best way to tell a story or to get a story across. Like our other article where we mention that a video has 2 components. Audio And Visual. Use this to your advantage when creating an ad.

Develop a Signature Character or Theme

Keep it niche specific and always follow a specific way to display your message and story.

Keep it Simple

As mentioned before. The best video ads run around 30 to 60 seconds long. Long enough to get the story out and short enough to leave an impact on the viewer.

Don’t Cut Corners

Never ever cut corner. Take your time when developing your ad. In this market, it is quality over quantity. You could possibly waste time and money if thought isn’t placed in your ad.

what to include in an advertisement video

There are so many crucial points to include in your video advertisement. You have a very limited time to get your viewer thinking about your product.

So here are some things to consider when deciding what to include in an advertising video.

Start With A Hook

Try to catch your viewers attention within the first 10 seconds of your video. Think about what your customer wants and put yourself in the viewers shoes.

If you get bored with your video ad within the first 10 seconds then chances are so will your audience.

Make Your Ad Stand Out

I can’t stress this enough. Your ad needs to stand out. It needs to be creative and visually appealing.

You need to make your audience’s mind blow when they see your ad. Or you need to resort to comedy.

Everyone loves a good laugh.

There are tons of ways to make your ad stand out but always be original.

This is where your creativity needs to kick into gear.

Create An Unforgettable Ending

Always leave your audience wanting more or better yet, wanting to try or test your product.

Give them a story to tell or talk about.

When you leave your audience with an amazing ending chances are they won’t forget about it.


So there you have it. Tips and Tricks on how to make an effective video advertising.

Always remember to find a professional to develop your advertising videos and if you insist on doing it yourself.

Be creative and keep it between 30 – 60 seconds long.

We hope you enjoyed our article. If you found this information helpful be sure to bookmark

Check out our page for more tips and tricks and valuable information on gear etc.


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How To Make An Effective Video Advertising
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