Best Photography Hashtags 2018

best photography hashtags in 2018

Best Photography Hashtags 2018


Hashtags are extremely helpful especially when it comes to Instagram or Twitter.

Think of hashtags as keywords which help people find your content.

So you go out and take these amazing shots but no one sees it…sucks right?

Well with the help of hashtags and knowing how to use them properly you have a greater chance of getting your content seen by the world.

What’s the purpose of taking these amazing photos only to go unseen.

Well don’t worry, in this guide, we will help you discover some of the best photography hashtags in 2018.

What Are The Best Hashtags To Use?

It all depends on your content. In this article, we will be focusing on photography hashtags. You can use the same information you learn here to help you in any niche.

Instagram is not only a great way to build and showcase your portfolio for both amateurs and professionals alike.

Although this is great, competition is fierce. So it’s not always good to go after hashtags such as #photography

Same with Search Engine Optimization. If you own a photography business and want to rank your website on google then chances of you ranking for the keyword “photography” is slim.

Not saying it isn’t possible because anything is possible but the chances are very low.

This is why we target “long tail keywords” to get a better chance to rank.

Same goes for photography.

To get your content seen you’ll want to try and get in the top post. But if the hashtag has millions of post it’ll be quite hard to get there.

Niche Specific Hashtags

So this technique to get seen is done by using more niche specific hashtags.

Let’s say the picture you took is a long exposure shot at a waterfall.

Then you’ll want to include more specific hashtags such as the waterfall location and the type of photography your photo falls into.

For example. Let’s use this waterfall.

lekeke falls

I took this shot at a waterfall here in Hawaii on the Island of Oahu.

The location is Lekeke Falls and the type of photo is a landscape shot.

For this, I’ll start off with the basics and include some generic hashtags to not get shadow banned.

For example: #oahu #luckywelivehi #hawaii #lekekefalls #waterfall

Then I’ll add in a few niche specific hashtags. Since this was a long exposure shot I’ll also include #longexposure #longexposhot #longexposurephotography


How Many Hashtags Can I use?

So far for this one photo, we used 8 hashtags from above.

Some say you are allowed up to 30 hashtags and some say don’t use more than 9.

For me, personally, I stay in between.

15-20 is a good amount. So let’s add a few more to get the content out there.

Now we included some generic hashtags and some niche specific ones.

Let’s add a few more niche specific hashtags. Since it’s a long exposure waterfall shot I can also include: #landscape #landscape_lovers #landscapephotography #landscapes #naturelover #instanature  #landscapehunter

So already that’s 15 hashtags.

Looks like we’re good to go.


How do I find these hashtags?

Finding them is simple. No special tool required. All you will need is a few seed keywords.

Such as “Hawaii” “long exposure” “landscape”

After you have your main seed keywords simply search the hashtag on Instagram.

Within that search, it will show you “related hashtags” then simply do a deep dive into the different hashtags.

Gather a list and save it.


How Do I Know If The Hashtag Is Good To Target?

Quick answer, test. But if you would like a greater chance at getting in the top post section then try to target a hashtag that has less than 1 million posts.

The above generic hashtag has 26 million posts! Yikes! But a quick deep dive and you should start to discover niche related hashtags that have 100 – 500k post.

These are great to target.

Anything lower and chances are your content won’t be discovered till later down the line.

The goal is to be consistent and keep testing and searching.


Where Should I Post My Hashtags?

It all depends on you. Some people post their hashtags as the first comment to their post. Others post it right in the post itself.

For me, I personally add them at the bottom of my post. I’ll try to add my message then press enter and “.” a few times to create something like this:

“Long Exposure Shot Taken At Lekekefalls In Hawaii! Love the scenery”






#hashtag #hashtag2 #hashtag3 etc, etc.

Whatever you feel most comfortable doing. It doesn’t matter.


What If I Post Hashtags Not Related To My Image?

Please don’t do this. This doesn’t help anyone at all and chances are people may report you. I don’t know exactly but it gets a little annoying looking up landscape photography and seeing a cat photo.

Just don’t do it.


So what are the best photography hashtags in 2018?

As we mentioned above it’s best to do a deep dive and search but here is a list of hashtags that could benefit you.


Generic Photography Hashtags

#photos #picture #pic #photograph #JustGoShoot #InstaGoodMyPhoto #InstaPhoto #PicOfTheDay #PhotoOfTheDay #Photography #iPhoneography #500px #PictureOfTheDay #Camera #Photoshop #Instadaily #Igers #Sunset #Cityscape #HDR #Instafocus #Igworldclub #Visuals #Aesthetics #TravellingThroughTheWorld

Niche Photography Hashtags

#StreetPhotography #StreetArt #Travelgram #Landscapephotography #Seascapeohotography #LongExposure #Vignette #LightPhotography #VSCO #VSCOcam #Snapseed #Macro #LeadingLines #Symmetry #Viewpoint #Panorama #DepthOfField #GoldenRatio #Monogram #Monochrome #DodgeAndBurn #TravelBlogger #ThroughTheLens #Bokeh #UrbanPhoto #Earthpix #MoodyGrams #ReflectionGram #Lightroom #portraitphotography #portraits #portraiture #portraitmood #portraitpage #makeportraits #portrait_shots #portrait_perfection #landscapephotography #landscape_captures #landscape_lovers #EarthVisuals #beautifulplaces #landscapelovers #landscapehunter



We hope that this article served you well and that you learned something from this post. Take this information and grow your IG. Show off your unique shots and always remember, 15-20 hashtags, 100-500k post, deep dive, and test.

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