Best PC Gaming Chair Under $200

A true gamer knows, as we do, how important it is to have a reliable gaming chair in order to maximize your gaming experience.

For those who spend a lot of time in front of the computer screen, it is essential to take preventative measures to ensure that you do not become fatigued.

If you are a serious gamer, you should consider purchasing a superior computer gaming chair which is designed with ergonomics in mind.

The positive point is that they are available at a very competitive cost, i.e. they are affordable.

For those looking for the best gaming chairs priced less than $200, you will not need to search farther.

As we have compiled this guide, we have taken the approach of carefully reviewing each product.

based on factors including the users experience, the overall design, user reviews and more.

Before we get started, let’s have a look at some important factors.

PC Gaming Chair Buyers Guide

It can be challenging to find a cheap and comfortable gaming chair. Thus, I will be discussing what you must take into account when looking for a new chair.

Being that you will be sitting in this chair for many hours per day.

You need to be certain that you are choosing a chair that is not only exactly your style but your body type as well.

The design of a human being is to be in motion. This design makes sitting any longer than 20 minutes detrimental to health.

When you are gaming it is important to make sure that you are well supported.

both by the chair and by your posture.

Poor posture while sitting can also lead to short gaming sessions.

You surely do not want to interrupt yourself in the middle of a genuine gaming session just because you are experiencing back and neck pains!

Here are some things to consider when deciding on your future gaming chair.


You do not have to break the bank to afford to buy your chair.

Many brands offer a considerable range of prices to fit their customers’ different budget levels.

Just because a thing costs more, does not mean it is better.

You need to make wise purchasing decisions and keep your budget in mind so that there will be enough funds available for you to buy the computer gaming hardware and new games that you require.

Alternately, it is crucial to allocate resources toward a high-quality gaming chair that is comfortable and, more importantly, will last a long time.

If you are going to sit for several hours each day.

You need a chair that is appropriate for the duration of your session.


There are two popular materials used to make gaming chairs: leather-like or mesh-like fabric.

Since each of these factors have their own advantages, the final decision is up to you and your own personal preferences.

One of the most popular materials is polyurethane (PU) leather as it is smooth and durable.

Stitched or bonded together, the leather will be sturdy enough to last for a long time whilst in use.

Even though a leather chair makes an office seem more professional and it may even last longer than a fabric or mesh chair.

It tends to be less breathable than a fabric or mesh chair.

Fabric chairs are less common with gaming brands, but they have some advantages.

These chairs are typically much more breathable than leather, therefore I suggest a mesh design if perspiration is a concern.

Perhaps you can have more luck finding a fabric chair by shopping for traditional office chairs, but even those frequently sell out to leathers at a higher price point.

Back Support

Just like a nice desk chair, a good gaming chair should be ergonomic and long-lasting.

If you spend many hours playing in your chair, you want to make sure that your back is correctly supported and be sure that it is good for your posture.

For the most part, we selected chairs with the best lumbar support. These chairs are often composed of hard molded-foam or a specific type of lumbar pillow. Most of the cushions are adjustable according to your height.

Lumbar cushions are structured cushioning designed to keep the spine from pain and pressures associated with improper sitting posture by maintaining a bucket-like curvature of the spinal column while seated in a chair.

i.e the client will be benefit from the cushion.

You can think of a lumbar pillow as a helper for your back when it comes to posture, preventing unnecessary pressure on your lower back.

Excellent gaming chairs should provide lumbar support and tough materials that will not wear out with use.

The more a person uses a gaming chair, the more necessary it becomes for the chair to have structural integrity for several hours at a time.


Today’s gamer is not all the same; there are gamers who come in all shapes and sizes and so should gaming chairs.

If you’re going to purchase a gaming chair, you should be using all the features it comes with.

This includes tilting back the headrest to the near horizontal position.

Raising and lowering the seat height, and properly fitting in the seat so you are not straining your back.

Each chair has a maximum weight limit you should check before buying.

In order to ensure it is suitable for you.

People shouldn’t purchase chairs that will fall apart quickly just because they have a higher weight capacity.

Alternative chairs also offer numerous points of adjustability, giving it flexibility of positioning which would be beneficial to any person that loves gaming.

If you can customize the controls, such as the chair’s height, tilt, and other features.

Then you’ll have a more comfortable experience as you try to reach another level.

Make sure the chairs you buy have easily alterable supports for the lumbar support pillow, the armrest, the height of the seat, the height of the headrest, and even the tilt angle of the seat.

You can find all of these essentials without paying a large amount of money.

Since they should be included with any great gaming chair.

Now that we got that out of the way.

And you are now more informed on what to look for in a gaming chair.

Let’s get down to the list.

GTracing eSports Gaming Chair

GTracing eSports Gaming Chair

In the sub-$200 category, one of the most popular choices is the GTracing eSports Gaming Chair.

This is an extremely attractive and solid gaming chair that would look just as good in a gaming and a business environment.

That said, it may not be padded at all, but the height of the chair can be adjusted up and down, as well as side to side.  On top of that, the chair has industrial-grade wheels or casters.

The PU leather utilized in this gaming chair is easily cleaned as well as supportive and comfortable.

This chair is suitable for relaxing after a long hard day. It can recline up to 170 degrees for those who like napping after a triumph. Some people do that, do they not?

Elecwish Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Elecwish Ergonomic Gaming Chair

The Elecwish Ergonomic Gaming Chair has a sleek and simple appearance which makes it available in 8 completely different colors.

So you can truly choose one that fits you – green, black, red, brown, orange, yellow, blue and gray.

This chair is sleek and streamlined, not so flashy that it is distractive.

However, still bright enough to distinguish itself from a boring, single colored chair.

Unless you prefer a boring, single colored chair in which case this is available in black.

The chair is also larger than the average gamer chair.

The cushion is thick and appropriate for all body shapes and sizes.

Both thin and husky people can rest well in the chair.

The chair provides additional comfort in that it can recline 170 degrees and can also be locked in various positions.

The chair is equipped with an SGS airlift, which allows you to adjust the height to three more inches.

Although the chair is made of a dense, spongy substance encased in polyurethane.

It not only looks great but also is quite comfortable.

The foundation of the chair is collapsible to ensure that it does not damage wooden floors.

This chair possesses noteworthy armrests, both of which are useful or detrimental, depending on the situation.

At first sight, they seem to be good quality with a larger padded area than most.

However, they do not adjust (although they do slide backwards when you recline the chair).

Furthermore, it is typical that at least one of the two armrests is loose or wobbly.

The Elecwish Ergonomic Gaming Chair is one of the more comfortable chairs for people who prefer to spend hours online.

However, the design is good enough for any user.

In addition to the standard chair features, the chair includes a headrest, lumbar support, and a footrest.

RESPAWN-110 Racing Style Gaming Chair

RESPAWN-110 Racing Style Gaming Chair

The Respawn 110 gaming chair was specifically designed for people who do a lot of gaming or other things that require a lot of attention such as working in an office.

The unique combination of super dense padding wrapped in bonded leather and its stylish design make this chair one of the most comfortable and professional chairs.

Although built to last through years of wear and tear, Respawn warrants this chair against manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship for the life of the original registered purchaser.

It is important for the chair to also have an adjustable headrest.

Providing the best degree of support for the neck.

This chair’s adjustable lumbar support allows you to maintain good posture while working hours on the computer.

The armrests have extra padding for added comfort as well as designed to pivot in line with the recline of the chair.

These 4d armrests ensure that any gamer may find a comfortable positioning for themselves at any point of play. Surprisingly, these 4D armrests look nearly identical to Elecwish’s sublime, distinct armrests.

Oddly, they both share the tendency for the Elecwish armrests to feel less secure.

Other features include an adjustable height, a reclining range of 90 to 130 degrees, and a number of optional accessories.

Ficmax Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Ficmax Ergonomic Gaming Chair

This chair used gaming industry benchmarks, as it is one of the most innovative and comfortable chairs on the market today.

The chair is adjustable and can be adjusted to several positions. Three hundred and sixty-degree rotation and a five-point base with locking casters make movement convenient.

For larger gamers, the seat and backrest are wider to accommodate larger individuals who need an added bit of width so as to be comfortable.

The armrests are practical and simple. The headrest pillow and lumbar cushion are removable if the seat feels too snug.

You can pull out a little footrest to rest your feet on during free time.

This chair even comes with a rechargeable massager that works out any knots you may have from spending too much time sitting on it.

Several of these items have gorgeous color selections; some of the selections total three colors, which adds a nice level of detail.

For an inexpensive PC game chair under 200 dollars, this one cannot be topped.

Nokaxus Gaming Chair Large Size High-Back

Nokaxus Gaming Chair Large Size High-Back

The Nokaxus Gaming Chair is a high-quality gaming chair that is built sturdily and equipped with premium features.

It is a height-adjustable and ergonomically designed desk chair that almost every professional gamer would enjoy owning.

The chair has a rocking function, a swivel function and a 360-degree rotation function.

The chair also has other functions such as it is adjustable from 90 to 180 degrees as well as it has a vibrating function to provide you with relaxation and comfort during your gaming sessions.

The swivel chair has heavy-duty polyurethane wheels so that it can be moved across the hardwood floors without creating loud sounds.

The chair includes height-adjustable seating and armrests which make it comfortable for people of all sizes.

The chair is well-suited for playing computer games, doing work at the office and for watching movies.

You can choose from six different colors for the Nokaxus Gaming Chair.

And you can have one year of warranty for gaming chair parts.

OFM ESS Collection High-Back

OFM ESS Collection High-Back

If you’ve had your fill of the typical aggressive and frantic designs that can be found on most gaming chairs, the Essentials Gaming Chair is a welcoming breath of fresh air.

It has a compact, non-discrete design, which makes it an enjoyable chair to game in. It will easily complement your room or office even when you are not using it for gaming.

Most of the owner’s of the Essentials Chair were very impressed by the quality and comfort of the chair, especially when you consider the remarkably low cost of the chair.

The bench is upholstered in SofThread Leather, a much finer version of the standard polyurethane covering most seats are composed of.

The leather is cool to the touch, but has a refined sensibility we do not usually find in bonded leather.

It should be mentioned that this chair lacks some of the features of other chairs on the market.

For example, the backrest does not recline unless a force is applied to it, though it only tilts.

The armrests also do not have variable heights, though they flip up for easy storage.

If what you want is a chair that is easy to use for periods of computer work or leisure, this chair is more than up to the task.

The Essentials Mid-Back Computer Gaming Chair is a moderately inexpensive ergonomic gaming chair and comes with an extended warranty that covers it in case of any defects.

Essentials has something for those looking for simple but elegant styles.

Homall Gaming Chair Racing Office Chair High Back

Homall Gaming Chair Racing Office Chair High Back

The Homall gaming chair has been recently redesigned, and needless to say, the newer, it has been redesigned and adds some much needed flair to the otherwise boring design.

In addition to that, it also retained all of the same features and attributes of the older version.

The sofa tends to come in five colors, the most dominant colors are black and white with some other color accents.

The use of a two-tone color scheme of black and white with a bright accent color of red makes this chair appealing and attractive.

The backrest is also embossed with a diamond pattern.

The company says that the official height limit is under five feet ten inches and the weight limit is under 250 pounds.

The central body of the chair is manufactured from metal with the remainder of the parts composed of plastic.

Although the chair is made of plastic, one would question the overall stability of the chair, however, the chair actually holds together quite well.

The plastic parts in use here seem to be well made and put together. There is minimal squeaking and noise present.

The base is of fine composition and balances well in all positions, and especially the maximum recline setting.

The backrest of the chair can be adjusted to tilt from 90 to 180 degrees. It can be locked in any one of the degrees, depending on the circumstances.

The seat also has a built-in gas lift which allows height adjustment. The lever for the mechanism is on the underside of the seat and the adjustment available here is quite generous.

The armrests cannot be adjusted at all, and, consequently, you are forced to adjust the height of the chair in order to move the armrests in the most optimum position.


The padding of the chair is sufficient. It has sufficient cushion to support the back but not so much that it is thin and shallow.

The top layer of the chair is very soft Pu leather, while the bottom layer is solid polypropylene. Although the chair is quite comfortable if the correct height is used, it is not suited for tall people who do not use the full cushioning of the chair.

Another reason this chair is so comfortable is the option of including two pillows for neck and lumbar support.

These are adjustable and come with adequate sized pillows. Unlike some office chairs, these pillows do not cause discomfort to the user and are placed perfectly to bare long extended periods of sitting.

As I explained the armrest is not padded. This is the sole area where the comfort of this recliner ceases to be appealing.

The chair has a good level of comfort on the whole and as long as the user is of medium sturdiness and of medium size then the chair will prove extremely comfortable.

Bottom Line

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