Antivirus Programs: Are They Worth It?

Just because you don’t go where you shouldn’t go in cyberspace doesn’t mean your computer is out of harm’s way.

In this article, we will talk about antivirus programs. You know, if you need them and which one of them you should get.

In addition, we will do a quick comparison of two of the most well-known antiviruses out there.

And they’re none other than Norton and McAfee.

So let’s get started because protection waits for no one!

Why Do You Need an Antivirus?

Why Do You Need an Antivirus

Before we tackle that, let’s take a quick ride down memory lane, shall we?

It was back in 1988 when the first-ever computer worm that replicated itself via the internet came into being.

Here’s a shocker: it was accidentally unleashed by a college student in his 20’s who unknowingly committed a few coding blunders.

Not intentionally engineered by a cybercriminal out to gain world domination.

The said worm did not really cause a global crisis because during that time the internet was primarily used for academic purposes and by various governmental agencies only.

The worst it did was overwhelm servers and cause them to crash!

Security became a major concern since the inception of that worm.

Clearly, it’s a blessing in disguise: the worm had to be born and make its presence known to prepare everyone from viruses that would eventually wreak havoc on the digital world.

Causing billions of dollars’ worth of damage!

These days, there are all kinds of viruses that could put your life to a halt especially if you depend heavily on your computer for business or pleasure.

The good news is that there are plenty of antivirus programs out there, some of which even come for free (although we all know that they have limited powers compared to paid counterparts).

When looking for an antivirus to install on your computer, a couple of names will surely pop out from somewhere more often than the rest: Norton and McAfee.

Let’s devote a little of our time to quickly comparing them with one another:


norton antivirus

There is no denying that Norton (by Symantec) is one of the oldest antiviruses on the face of the planet.

It’s due to this why it has a massive customer base, which is a good thing since there are more people to report the presence of new viruses — regularly updating software programs is everything when it comes to continuous protection from threats.

What users love about Norton is that it’s lightweight, thus it has very little impact on your device’s computing power.

It’s also revered for its ease of use and efficiency in terms of security.

It’s true that Norton is cheaper for the first year than McAfee, sadly, it does not cover as many devices as McAfee.

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macafee antivirus

Also a veteran in the world of virus protection.

McAfee is known to provide an all-inclusive deal regardless of the number of licenses required.

As earlier mentioned, it costs a little more than Norton during the first year, but at least it covers more of your devices.

While many users confirm that it’s not that user-friendly.

They can’t help but agree that McAffee is very good at providing firewall and anti-spam protection.

It comes with an array of integrated tools, too, some of which are nowhere to be found on Norton.

And by the way, it offers gamer security which, needless to say, makes it perfect for anyone who wants threat-free computer gaming.

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Reasons Why You May Be In Need Of An Antivirus Program

reasons why you need an antivirus

Whether you prefer Norton or McAfee or vice versa, you definitely need to install one on your computer.

This is especially true if you are encountering some or all of the following:

  • Your device is running slower than before.
  • Pop-up windows are popping up everywhere.
  • You suddenly have less storage space.
  • Files and programs are mysteriously missing.
  • Your internet traffic is unusually increased.
  • Family and friends are receiving weird messages from you.
  • Your browser homepage changed all of a sudden.

There are so many other signs that your computer might be infected by a virus.

Just bear in mind that if it doesn’t look right, something must be terribly wrong!

Does an Antivirus Really Work?

does an antivirus program work

The simple answer is yes, antivirus programs really do work.

They are capable of carrying out the task that they are designed to perform in the first place, and that is to detect anything that poses as a threat to your computer and keeping it from doing its dirty deeds.

However, you might have heard from someone or read from somewhere that PCs running on Windows 8 and 10 and Macs are designed to be impervious to viruses.

(If you are using a Mac, gone are the days when it’s completely out of harm’s way ­— these days, more and more threats and infection-related issues are being reported by users from all over the planet.)

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Here’s the deal with antivirus programs


while it’s common knowledge that these machines do come with systems that are designed to fend off anything that could cause unnecessary headaches to their users, the fact is newer threats keep showing up.

And by now, you already know that the antivirus program that’s currently installed on your device comes up with security updates several times faster and more frequently than the OS you are using.

Sometimes it’s not the fault of the system, but rather the user.

How many times have you clicked on a link that looks like it should never be clicked on?

Or opened an email that looks like it should never be opened?

If you are unable to fight off temptations like that because of your hyper-curiosity.

Then you can definitely benefit from installing an antivirus.

You can’t just leave the job solely in the hands of your computer’s OS!

Of course, it’s important that you count on the right antivirus — not all antiviruses are cut from the same cloth!

Some are simply so much better at the job.

When shopping, consider factors such as your needs and budget.

Do you have an antivirus program that you trust with all your life?

Then feel free to share what it is and your thoughts about it in the comments section down below.

So that those who are currently on the hunt for antiviruses may have a better idea on which of them they should opt for.