web promo 2012

So you’ve made it!

Taking that first step was a great choice.

Here is a breif rundown of what your new website will include.

1. Quick contact form (web forum that automatically emails you when filled out)

2. Private Visitor tracking (to track your visitors, when and where they came from)

3. Search Engine submission to over 100 search engines including Google, Yahoo!, Bing & More!

4. Up to Five pages Ex: (home, about, services, info, contact) your choice.

5. Custom graphics and layout to fit your business!


Option 1:

You currently do not have a website or web hosting. We can design and create your website with full graphics. Which includes a custom 5-page website. 

This option will is $49.99. You must get your web hosting through our partners to qualify for option 2. You get the first month of hosting for only 1 cent. And $8.95 per month after the first month (provided you already own a domain). If you do not own a domain we can help you obtain a domain name.  There is an additional cost to register your domain name. Cost will vary. Depending on the registration company you use.*

enter (yourdomain.com) URL

Option 2:

You currently already have a domain and website and would like a website redesign / relocation. We can redesign / relocate your website. Get up to 10 pages and a full redesign of your graphics. 

This option is $150. We also offer hosting at $3 per month.

enter (yourdomain.com) URL